ABC’s The Goldbergs is about to be Bat-tastic. Later this season an episode titled “The Dynamic Duo,” will center around the buzz and excitement happening when Tim Burton’s Batman movie was released in 1989. Batman fan and geek culture hero Kevin Smith will guest direct the episode.

“I grew up watching the Adam West Batman and I was in a sold out movie theater for Tim Burton’s Batman on opening day, June 23, 1989, so I can’t wait to recreate those early eras of Bat-amania in the Goldbergs Universe,” Smith said. “Luckily, the funny folks in front of and behind the cameras who make this hysterical show every week will be doing all the heavy lifting in our time travel experiment.”

Smith is no stranger to guest directing. He recently directed episodes of The Flash (“The Runaway Dinosaur” and “Killer Frost”) and Supergirl (“Supergirl Lives”).

The Goldbergs is set in the 1980s and often infuses pop culture trends into the show. So far the show has featured episodes about Dirty Dancing, Live Aid, and “Weird” Al.

“The hardest thing about having Kevin Smith direct an episode of The Goldbergs is playing it cool and not acting like a weirdo geek super fan,” The Goldbergs show creator Adam F. Goldberg said. “I’ve waited in long lines to have him sign my Bluntman comics, I’ve collected his Clerks action figures, I’ve forced my writers to watch clips of his speaking engagements and I shoe-horned in a part for him in my screenplay for Fanboys just so I could meet the guy. I even stayed in Hall H at Comic-Con when J.J. Abrams escorted thousands of people to a Star Wars concert.”

Other notable guest directors of The Goldbergs have been Joanna Kerns (Growing Pains), Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), Fred Savage (The Wonder Years), and Jay Chandrasekhar and David Katzenberg (Super Troopers).

The Batman-inspired episode of The Goldbergs is filming later this month and is expected to premiere in the spring.