With over a month left before its scheduled debut, Marvel's new ongoing Elektra series has changed artists. Originally solicited to draw February's #1 issue was Alec Morgan (Secret Wars Journal), who has since been replaced by Juan Cabal (Wolverines).

Morgan will instead be drawing an unsolicited back-up story of Bullseye #1, alongside the character's co-creator, Marv Wolfman. When asked about the sudden change, a company spokesperson said it was all about finding the best book for each artist.

“We’re big fans of Alec’s style, and we ultimately felt he was better suited for a different project. For those looking for him, you can see some of his amazing artwork in February’s Bullseye #1 alongside legendary writer Marv Wolfman. And we’re very excited to bring Juan Cabal on to the Elektra series alongside Matt Owens,” added Marvel's Sales & Communications Administrator Chris D'Lando.

Considering Cabal was already solicited to draw March's Elektra #2, having him handle the first issue will allow more artistic continuity.