As a prelude to this month’s Toy Fair in New York and Wonder Woman’s release on June 2, 2017, Entertainment Weekly has shared an exclusive first look at Mattel’s wonderful new line. The Patty Jenkins-directed film will mark Wonder Woman’s first starring role on the big screen, as portrayed by Gal Gadot. In celebration, Mattel has an army of figurines and toy weapons lined up.

The new line of articulated dolls is being released at surprisingly reasonable prices. A mere $20 will get you Diana in either her training gear or her full Wonder Woman armor. Meanwhile $15 gets you a different version of the Wonder Woman outfit minus the sword and shield, or the blue dress she's seen wearing in the trailers. This particular doll also includes the ultimate party accessory, her sword.

An impressive two-pack of Diana and Steve Trevor is also available. As well as either Diana or Queen Hippolyta atop some really sweet horses. If dolls aren't your style, no worries! Mattel is also releasing toy versions of Diana’s sword, bow, and her tiara and bracelets.

These Amazon-worthy toys are expected to hit shelves in spring, ahead of the movie’s debut.