The walkers, stalkers, roamers, and chompers are going to start stumbling and tumbling their way to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM) for Zombie Gras 7. The next installment of the monstrous event will be held on March 25, 2017 at GEM and the bar crawl around town.

This year, GEM is building on the success of past Zombie Gras events while also improving the experience for all those involved. Adding to the zombie theme, it’ll be more monster inclusive and stretch across other horror fandoms to provide scary good entertainment for more fans of the event.

The bar crawl will begin at 3 PM this year, pushed back from the usual 12 PM start. This extended time at GEM will give vendors and attendees more time together. Several interactive games will take place in each room at GEM, including a massive scavenger hunt spread across the museum, zombie pong, and their version of beanbag toss.

Continuing the tradition of hiring local artists to design the artwork, this year GEM tasked artist Alaska S. Kellum with creating the logo.

GEM is located at Camden Yards, 301 W. Camden Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. Find more details at www.geppismuseum.com or by calling (410) 625-7060.