Archie Comics has partnered with Warner Bros. Television to ink an exclusive deal to develop new original programming and other content based on the wide catalog of Archie characters and properties. The deal was described in the official press release as “…the culmination of years of work by Jon Goldwater and the staff and freelancers of Archie Comics to bring the classic comic book characters forward into the present day.”

“We were redefining the brand by being daring and by, at the same time, protecting the integrity of the characters. As long as Archie is Archie and his friends are true to their characters, you can do anything with them,” Goldwater, Archie Comics CEO and publisher, told The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s what really opened up people’s eyes to their potential, and it’s a direct path to where we are today, which is having a Riverdale TV series on The CW and a new deal with Warners. The sky’s the limit here.”

Other Archie properties mentioned as potentials for this deal with Warner Bros. included Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, Katy Keene, and Black Hood. The live-action Riverdale series currently airs on The CW on Thursday nights.