Although Bane is currently starring in the “I Am Bane” arc of Tom King and David Finch’s Batman series, CBR broke the news on where he’s headed next. Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan are returning to their creation for DC Comics’ upcoming 12-issue series Bane: Conquest, scheduled for release in May.

Bane: Conquest will reunite the title villain with Bird, Trogg and Zombie. These loyal henchmen, who have been out of commission since their introduction in 1993’s Batman: Knightfall, recently resurfaced as part of the “I Am Bane” storyline. According to DC’s official description, Bane is taking his criminal ambitious out of Gotham, in search of “new cities to conquer and new enemies to crush.”

“Always happy to be reunited with Graham and this is an especially heady experience returning to our most significant contribution to the Batman mythos. The best aspect of this project is that it’s not a cameo or nostalgia tour for Graham and I. It’s more like we’re back after all this time to work on a truly epic story about Bane and we haven’t lost a step,” shared Dixon.

“It’s very exciting to return with Chuck to a character we so love and are so identified with. DC has allowed us to return him to his roots, bring back old friends and create new characters that will rock Bane and Batman’s world,” remarked Nolan, adding that this will be the “ultimate Bane adventure.”

Bane: Conquest is scheduled to debut on May 3, 2017, with a cover by Nolan and a variant by Kelley Jones (Batman).