During Marvel Comics upcoming event, ResurrXion, the company is fittingly bringing back a classic tradition. Throughout each ResurrXion title, special corner box art will be gracing each and every cover in the line.

However, rather than being traditional square corner boxes, the art by Leonard Kirk and Michael Garland will be nestled in the corner of each title’s “X” logo. Many older fans will recall that corner boxes often featured special art highlighting a specific character or team line-up within the issue.

Although Marvel hasn’t used corner boxes in years, they recently revived classic corner box designs for variant covers on a variety of titles. During the variant cover program, acclaimed painter Joe Jusko reinterpreted the corner box artwork of Jack Kirby, John Buscema and more into full-sized variants.

ResurrXion, which begins in April, will include X-Men titles X-Men: Blue, X-Men: Gold, Cable, Jean Grey, Iceman, Weapon X, Generation X, and starting in July Astonishing X-Men.