Hasbro debuted several new figures for 2017 and 2018 at their Star Wars Celebration panel, including some of the latest Black Series figures.

Figures highlighted included two exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con: a 6-inch Luke Skywalker and landspeeder, and a 6-inch Thrawn. This will be the first figure of Thrawn in this scale; Thrawn is also getting a normal release in addition to the SDCC exclusive. A 6-inch Grand Moff Tarkin with an interrogation droid will also arrive this fall.

Jaina Solo, who won a fan poll for a new Black Series figure in 2016, will also be given a figure. As part of the Expanded Universe, she was retconned out of canon existence, but remained a fan favorite for EU diehards.

The big announcement, though, was the return of the Vintage Collection, a line of 3-3/4-inch articulated action figures that had essentially been canceled in 2012. Rey will be the first figure in the revived figure series, and the Vintage Collection will return in spring 2018.