On September 22-24, 2017 the Baltimore Comic-Con will be held at Inner Harbor’s Baltimore Convention Center once again. Joining the extensive guest list is pioneer, icon, and founding member of the legendary rap group Run-DMC – Darryl “DMC” McDaniels.

McDaniels accolades include being a Grammy-nominated musician, his Emmy-winning life story, multi-platinum recording artist, and a 2009 Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Before founding Run-DMC, McDaniels always expressed a passion for reading comics. “When I started with Run-DMC, I was a nervous little nerdy kid. I didn’t want to get up in front of a crowd and rhyme; but what gave me confidence, out there on stage was pretending that I was the Hulk on the microphone,” shared McDaniels.

In 2014 his love for comics came full circle with the creation of his independent publishing house, Darryl Makes Comics. Along with his Editor-in-Chief Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and Senior Editor Riggs Morales, McDaniels created his first 48-page indie graphic novel, under the Darryl Makes Comics imprint. DMC #1 featured some of the comic industry’s finest talent including Damion Scott (Batman), Ronald Wimberly (Vertigo), Chase Conley (Black Dynamite), Jeff Stokely (Six-Gun Gorilla), Felipe Smith (Peepo Choo), Mike and Mark Davis (The Boondocks), Shawn Crystal (Arkham Manor), Chris Sotomayor (Captain Marvel), Sal Buscema (The Incredible Hulk), Bob Wick, and graffiti pioneer MARE 139 (Style Wars).

His follow-up graphic novel, DMC #2, introduced readers to fan-favorite heroes LAK6, Sifu Horus, and The Breaks. This expansion into the Darryl Makes Comics universe includes work from Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk), Miranda-Rodriguez, Amy Chu (Poison Ivy), Juan Doe (Wolverines), Sung Goo Won (Black Dynamite), award-winning artist Afu Chan (Spera), Marcus Williams (Hero Cats), Elliot Fernandez (Harley Quinn/Powergirl), Sotomayor, Eisner-winning colorist Gabriel Bautista (Comic Book Tattoo), Humberto Ramos (X-Men), Edgardo Delgado (Spider-Man), and graffiti king Bio of the Tats Cru.

“Hip hop was always based on creativity, so what we’re trying to do with this comic book is not trying to create anything that’s new; we’re just going to show the world what’s already there...the beauty and the creativity of it,” added DMC, revealing he will be releasing DMC #3 in late 2017.

“Baltimore has a ton of Run-DMC fans. Having DMC to our show to flex his comic book muscles is going to be amazing, and his music fans get to meet a whole new side of Darryl. We’re really excited about this, as we're sure his fans, old and new, will be,” Marc Nathan, promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con, said.

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