It’s official, beginning in September 2017, Captain Phasma will lead the Star Wars Universe in her own solo miniseries. At the helm of The Force Awakens mystifying villain is writer Kelly Thompson and artist Marco Checchetto. This miniseries will lead up to The Last Jedi, premiering on December 15, 2017.

Since her dominating debut in The Force Awakens, Captain Phasma has continued to bewilder and thrill fans. It’s no wonder that despite her small amount of screen time, she would find herself a favored character. While the Phasma series was teased during Comic-Con, Thompson spoke further with Marvel.com on what fans can expect from this all-new miniseries.

“Phasma is an incredibly complex and also laconic and mask-wearing character. She is not easily known by anyone, and that is deliberate on her part. I’m lucky enough to have gotten to read an early draft of the novel, which delves deeply into Phasma’s back story and it’s very cool stuff. The comic, however, is more focused on the present – and specifically what happens when Phasma gets out of that garbage chute. We are drawing on some of her back story in more subtle ways, but we didn’t want to step on the novel’s toes. As a result, we don’t go too deep into that territory, focusing instead on who Phasma is today,” shared Thompson.

“We start out in issue 1 on Starkiller Base, so fans will be getting a closer look at the last moments of Starkiller Base and all that entails. The rest of the series takes place on an all-new planet with all-new monsters, aliens, and threats…exciting stuff that I hope fans will dig! Having Marco Checchetto on art is absolutely fantastic. He’s got this incredibly realistic style that works so well for Star Wars, and he’s an excellent storyteller with sharp instincts. His work blows me away every time I see new pages. And we’ve got Andres Mossa on colors and Paul Renaud on covers, which means the visuals are just across the board incredible,” Thompson added.

As far as what lurks behind the chrome Stormtrooper armor, and if her loyalty lies with General Hux, Supreme Commander Snoke, or Kylo Ren, Thomson said “we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store.”

Captain Phasma #1 is expected to hit comic book stores in September 2017.