According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Entertainment has launched an all-new multi-platform program – Marvel Super Hero Adventures. This short-form animated series is intended to introduce the universe of Marvel heroes and villains to a preschool audience. Beginning this fall, each three-and-a-half minute episode will see Spider-Man and another hero team up to teach the importance of friendship and heroism. The first 10-episode run is set to include Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, and Ms. Marvel.

In addition to the animated series, Marvel Press will be releasing a series of early reader chapter books. Kicking things off is Deck the Malls!, written by MacKenzie Cadenhead and Sean Ryan, with illustrations by Derek Laufman. The initial wave of the campaign, which will continue into 2018, will consists of three additional chapter books. During October 2017, Marvel will also launch a line of Super Hero Adventures merchandise for “Marvel Mania.” Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, Jay Franco, and Mad Engine will be among the manufacturers producing Super Hero Adventures products for Spring 2018.

“Marvel storytelling and characters engage parents and fans around the world, and now preschoolers have the chance to experience the fun and excitement of the Marvel Universe. Marvel is a brand for fans of all ages, but particularly by preschoolers and trusted with preschool parents. Since our characters are inspiring, heroic, responsible, and brave, the new products are the perfect way for preschoolers to celebrate their passion for Marvel in their daily lives,” Marvel Licensing Senior Vice President Paul Gitter shared in a statement.

“We are delighted to bring Marvel Super Hero Adventures to life across multiple divisions of Marvel Entertainment. The program and content that the teams have developed is smart, inspiring and will reach a whole new generation of Marvel fans,” added Marvel Entertainment president Dan Buckley.

Specific information on the series launch date and platforms will be announced at a later date.