Last weekend Gemstone Associate Editor Amanda Sheriff was a guest on Poolside Podcast York hosted by Jonathan Smith. The primary focus of their conversation was on Sheriff’s first book, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Movie Posters.

The in-depth interview covered factors that make movie posters collectible, the rarity of vintage examples, and how posters, at their core, are advertising material. They discussed poster care and the fragility of the collectibles, the wide price range of posters, spotting originals, accessibility of the material, and where to find reputable dealers.

Artistic value of posters was a primary focus of the conversation. They shared thoughts on what can be appealing to different collectors, international versions compared to U.S., the impact of Mondo poster releases, and different types of movie paper collecting. Both cinephiles, they talked about how movie posters connect fans with the movie watching experience.

Outside of movie posters, they talked about different types of collecting, pop culture convention experiences, and Sheriff’s upcoming book, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror.

“Jon is such an interesting guy with a voracious appetite for creativity and art,” Sheriff said after the podcast. “I feel like our conversation was equal parts simplistic enjoyment of poster art and exploration of how the creative process and collecting hobby stirs us.”  

Poolside Podcast is a relaxed interview program devoted to a variety of creative content from comic books to heavy metal to commercial art to auctions and related topics. The show is recorded in York, Pennsylvania with local references dropped on a regular basis for anyone in the area or curious about the region.

Listen to the Poolside Podcast York episode at podbean.com.