Dawn Moreno, the new Snake-Eyes, has become a breakout character in the comic G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Written by G.I. Joe great Larry Hama with art by Netho Diaz (Aquaman), her adventure begins with the storyline “Dawn of the Arashikage.”

Dawn’s introduction to the story arc in #246 sold out, along with #244 with her first appearance in costume and #245 with her cover debut as Snake-Eyes. All three are going back to press for a second printing, including a special Netho Diaz cover on #246.

Dawn was first introduced in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #226 as a gifted athlete with unique physical abilities that caught Cobra Commander’s attention. Cobra experimented on her, including implanting the original Snake-Eyes’ memories in her mind. Now, she is haunted by a dark past that isn’t her own. Some of Snake-Eyes’ cohorts from the Arashikage Clan have joined her to help battle the nightmares.

“As I recently told our readers, Dawn Moreno is a fascinating character who provides me with a brand-new canvas to paint on,” said Hama. “With the original Snake-Eyes’ memories implanted into her young mind, Dawn gives me a whole new way of looking at character qualities (both her own and those of Snake-Eyes) that isn’t bogged down by accumulated continuity with a new character, who can voice things that were always left unsaid.”

Dawn’s first appearance in #226 is sold out, but fans can jump on the current story with G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Volume 16, which collects that issue and kicks off her journey to becoming Snake-Eyes.