Gerry Duggan, writer of Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy, revealed via Twitter that the comic would conclude after #150 in January 2018. 

Folks, Guardians Of The Galaxy is wrapping at #150, but its because I pitched a story to @Marvel that was way bigger than just Guardians. Huge stories are coming your way beginning in February. More soon,” read Duggan’s tweet. 

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy #151 had been cancelled. The planned cover art for that issue is now being used for Februarys Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1. Given that Duggan teased a “bigger” story in the works, speculation has arisen that Infinity Countdown is the story he was referring to. 

The solicitation for issue 150 reads “That’s right – as more and more parties take an interest in the Infinity Stones, a man with serious Infinity experience joins the fray! Plus: Nova Rocket leads the charge against the Raptors!” 

Meanwhile, the solicitation for Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 reads, “Adam Warlock is back! Reborn from the realm of the dead, Adam has come seeking the Soul Stone…and the truth about what it did to Him! His guide through this Infinity Quest is none other than…Kang the Conqueror?!? Be there as Adam begins down the dark trail sure to lead him into the heart of the mystery of the Infinity Stones…”