DC Comics recently announced that writer Brian Michael Bendis would be taking over both Action Comics and Superman starting July 2018. As such, the current creative teams’ will each conclude their runs with two one-shots in May. 

Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason will bring their popular run on Superman to an end with the 48-page one-shot Superman Special #1 on May 16. Headlining this issue is the story “The Promise,” which serves as a follow-up to their “Escape from Dinosaur Island” story in 2016’s Superman #8. The issue will also include stories from the creative teams of Mark Russell and Bryan Hitch and Ian Flynn and Kaare Andews.

“Before Superman’s world goes through some drastic changes, he has unfinished business to attend to on Dinosaur Island. Superman and the Losers’ Captain Storm take one final trip together into the abyss of tomorrow, which brings the military man out of time into the world of today,” reads the official description. 

Tomasi and Gleason’s run with Superman has received positive feedback from fans, primarily for their focus on Superman’s family life with Lois Lane and their son Jonathan Kent/Superboy. As his popularity grew, Jonathan Kent began co-starring in the Super Sons series, also written by Tomasi.

Also scheduled for May is the Action Comics Special one-shot, written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Will Conrad, which will serve as the end of Jurgens run with Action Comics.