The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Tabletop Games is currently available to preorder via the April edition of the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog. The book is heading towards completion, with Gemstone Assistant Editor Carrie Wood leading the project alongside Game Trade Media Production Manager Richard Ankney.

“It’s very much a sprint to the finish at this point, but I’m excited to be finishing things up,” Wood said. “We’re somehow managing to sneak in some additional interviews and articles not originally planned, which is super exciting! I can’t wait for the book to hit store shelves and I look forward to hearing feedback from the community.”

The book is set to cover the history of classic board games, tabletop roleplaying games, wargames, card games, and much more. Other topics include the impact of crowdfunding on the industry, original art collecting, preservation and storage, and gaming conventions.

The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Tabletop Games arrives in June 2018; Wood and Ankney will be debuting the book at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, on June 13-17.