As revealed via The Hollywood Reporter, TriStar Pictures has secured the rights to produce an adaptation of former DC/Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Aaron Campbell’s horror comic, Infidel. Oscar-winning producer Michael Sugar (Spotlight) is signed on to produce the adaptation with Ashley Zalta of his Sugar23 banner, along with Anonymous Content. 

Following the release of the first issue in March 2018, a competitive environment spurred TriStar Pictures to quickly secure the deal said to be in the low six figures. Combining themes of race and horror, Infidel follows an American Muslim woman and her multiracial neighbors. The cast of characters find themselves in a building that is seemingly being haunted by creatures who feed on xenophobia. 

“Audiences are responding to fresh, timely stories that, like Infidel, can resonate through the current state of our culture,” said TriStar senior VP Nicole Brown, who will oversee the project with Nick Krishnamurthy, in a statement. “Infidel has those provocative elements to create a touchstone thriller.” 

“At Sugar23, we want to produce projects that are unexpected, wholly original and speak to the truth of contemporary society. Infidel is the epitome of one of those stories, equal parts mystery, social critique and genre thriller,” Sugar said.

“Every aspect of creating Infidel came from laying bare our very personal fears regarding the times we’re in, Pichetshote and Campbell said in a joint statement. “The fact that its struck a chord at all, much less been subject to such competition to adapt it, is enormously flattering.”

Before writing Infidel, Pichetshote served as key editor at DC/Vertigo, helping to launch Grant Morrison’s WE3 and Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth. Longtime artist Campbell has worked on numerous comic projects, including The Shadow and Green Hornet.