Eisner-nominated artist Mitch Gerads, known for his work on Mister Miracle, took to Twitter to confirm the renewal of his exclusive contract with DC Comics. In an image that sees a Mister Miracle figure holding up an issue of Batman, Gerads wrote in part, “It was the easiest of calls. I truly love working with DC and the people that comprise it.”

Gerads and writer Tom King’s series Mister Miracle has been nominated for several Eisner Awards, including Best Limited Series, Best Penciler/Inker, and Best Coloring. Outside of Mister Miracle, Gerads has previously worked with King on The Sheriff of Babylon, as well as several Batman issues. He also assisted in Marvel Comics’ The Punisher and Image Comics’ The Activity, before signing an exclusive agreement with DC. 

Mister Miracle follows escape artist Scott Free as he struggles to deal with his own demons along with external threats in this superhero retrospective. Classic Jack Kirby’s New Gods characters are also featured within the series. 

The first eight issues of Mister Miracle are currently available now, with the next installment of the 12-issue miniseries scheduled to be released on June 6, 2018.