Actress Margot Kidder, beloved by the comic community for her portrayal of Lois Lane, died on Sunday, May 13, 2018, at her home in Livingston, Montana. The cause of death is currently unknown. Kidder was 69 years old.

She began acting in the late 1960s, guest starring on shows like Wojeck, Festival, McQueen, and Mod Squad. Kidder gained popularity in 1978 as Lois Lane in Superman: The Movie, along with its three sequels. Other notable roles included the horror films Black Christmas and The Amityville Horror in the ’70s. For the 1983 adaptation of Pygmalion, she starred as Eliza Doolittle and served as a producer.

Kidder continued acting steadily in film and TV, ending with her final role in 2017’s The Neighborhood.

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