Spiderweb Art Gallery has announced that for the first time, artist Greg Hildebrandt will do a New York Comic Con sketch cover promotion. This is a preorder special for artwork that will only be available for pick up at his booth during NYCC.

Hildebrandt will do 20 full figure ink sketch covers of popular comic characters. Covers include four issues of Amazing Spider-Man, four of Captain America, four of Superman, four of Dark Knight III, and four issues of Catwoman. Typically this type of sketch cover by Hildebrandt would cost $300 or more, but for this special he is selling them for $200.

Some sample images that provide an idea of what the covers will look like accompany this article and there are samples of the covers on the Spiderweb Art Gallery website.

Hildebrandt won’t take special requests for the covers. The pieces need to be purchased ahead of time and picked up at the booth during NYCC. The sketch covers can be ordered at spiderwebart.com.