The latest addition to Gemstone Publishing’s ever-expanding price guide lineup, The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, is officially heading off to the printer. Gemstone’s Associate Editor Amanda Sheriff and The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide creator Robert M. Overstreet co-authored this comprehensive price guide which merges the excitement of collecting Star Wars with an extensive look at prices.

Star Wars is such a huge series that is part of many areas of collecting. Add to that the people who collect categories rather than series and you have a lot of people interested in knowing what their collections are worth, what they should expect to pay for something, and what items to vigilantly look for. The aim of this book is to present that information,” Sheriff expressed.

Along with featured sections on toys, movie posters, and comic books, the novel also tackles topics such as novels, video games, Halloween costumes, soundtracks, theme park exclusives, pop-up books, screen-used material, and much more. The book covers the considerable history of Star Wars and includes contributions from collectors and industry experts through detailed interviews.  

“I’m very excited to get this in the hands of Star Wars collectors and I hope they find it both informative and entertaining,” added Sheriff.

The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles can be ordered through Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog and will hit shelves on November 21, 2018.