CBCS will now have “Exceptional White” as a page quality designation on their label for comic books pre-1975.

“Over the many years I have been grading comics it always bothered me that certain vintage comic books would get the designation of "white" pages when they were clearly much whiter and fresher than other comic books that were still labeled as white,” said Steve Borock, President and Primary Grader for CBCS.

“This goes especially for books from pedigree collections like the Reilly-San Francisco and Edgar Church-Mile High collections. Before certification, many of us collectors would use the term blazing white or some other way to describe the fantastic state of preservation while talking with our fellow hobbyists. I am so happy that CBCS will now give those incredibly well-preserved books the page designation that they truly deserve. I really believe that this will be a boost for certified collecting hobbyists and sellers, as well as our hobby as a whole."

The reason for picking the dates of 1974 and before is because the modern tier starts in 1975 and too many books after 1975 have exceptional white pages to begin with, so to keep this page designation special, CBCS will only do vintage tiers for the foreseeable future.

The company said the new page quality designation will begin to show up on CBCS labels from this week forward. 

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and The Overstreet Guide To Grading Comics are always interested in these kinds of developments and we’ll closely watch the market’s reaction to this announcement from CBCS,” said J.C. Vaughn, Vice-President of Publishing for Gemstone Publishing.

Additional information about CBCS is available on their website, www.cbcscomics.com.