Marvel has announced that the Future Foundation will be returning to comics this July, when Fantastic Four #12 hits store shelves. This issue will contain a backup story from writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Wil Robson focused on “the saga of the Future Foundation.”

The Future Foundation debuted in 2010, a creation of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting; it is a group of Earth’s greatest young minds and has included the likes of Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Ant-Man, as well as Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s two children, Franklin and Valeria Richards. Reed himself created the organization in order to best serve humanity after being discouraged with how Earth’s scientists were handling things.

The main story for Fantastic Four #12 is written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Sean Izaakse, and follows the Thing and his new wife Alicia Masters as things take a turn for the worse on their honeymoon when the Hulk shows up.