The Baltimore Comic-Con will be held at the Inner Harbor’s Baltimore Convention Center on October 18-20, 2019. Ahead of the annual convention, Baltimore Comic-Con has announced the return of comic industry legend Jim Steranko.

Steranko has cut a ferocious path through the entertainment arts, with a dozen successful careers to his credit including author, magician, illustrator, escape artist and historian. He is cited as one of the prime architects of Marvel Comics and the co-creator of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. He also wrote and drew Captain America, The Hulk, Superman, and The X-Men (for which he designed the classic title logo); generated more than 150 original storytelling devices and techniques; and evolved a devoted cult of followers who have nicknamed him “The Innovator.”

He has painted a multitude of movie posters, record albums, and book covers; and in 1975, created Red Tide, the first modern graphic novel. As the editor-publisher of the international newsstand entertainment magazine Prevue, he conducted hundreds of superstar interviews and penned more than three million words. He has appeared at more than 350 international events and exhibited his work worldwide, including at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and the Louvre in Paris.

As an escape artist, his death-defying performances inspired the character Mister Miracle and, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon, he was the man upon which the protagonist of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Klay was based. In his turn as a filmmaker, Steranko collaborated with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas – for whom he created the look of Indiana Jones – and Francis Ford Coppola on some of their most popular films.

He served as Creative Consultant for the History Channel’s two-hour documentary Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked and is currently prepping An Evening with Steranko for theatrical venues across the country. His recent Captain America covers topped Marvel sales charts; the IDW SHIELD Artist’s Edition sold out before publication (and won an Eisner Award); and the 2017 Overstreet Price Guide – with his Batman cover – had record-breaking sales. His covers on the record-setting Action #1000 and Captain America #700 also remain popular.

Over the past several decades, he has amassed more than 100 intellectual properties, his Theatre of Concepts, which range from children’s interactive-learning entertainments to high-action adult digital gaming. His vision is to shape, structure, and synthesize character-driven projects with state of the art technology for the World of Tomorrow.

“We have a legend with us,” said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. “This guy has seen and done so much, both in the comics industry and out, it isn’t funny. And sometimes, it’s very funny. Jim’s a man of many stories, and you should make it a point to spend some of your time at the show in his presence – you won’t be disappointed!”

Visit www.baltimorecomiccon.com for more information and to purchase advanced tickets.