Sal Dichiera has spent the last 26 years owning and operating Amazing Adventures in San Francisco CA. Last weekend, at 3:40 am, his store was broken into and the thieves grabbed everything they could. While it is not the first time his store has been broken into, Sal is really feeling the effects this time.

"It was almost as if they knew exactly what to take and where to take it from" says Sal. "I have a strong suspicion as to who this is, but, it's in the hands of the police now."

The heaviest loss came from the sports cards Sal had displayed. The thieves took a 1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card. In addition, there were numerous sports cards from the '50s and '60s missing, as well as Modern Age rookie cards and collectible inserts.

While the loss in sports cards was considerable, the comics they took only compounded Sal's dilemma. Especially notable is the complete run of the first six issues of the Silver Age Spectre.

Here is a list of the more valuable stolen issues:

Green Lantern #62 NM- 9.2
Green Lantern #64 NM- 9.2
Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 NM 9.4
Justice League of America #60 VF/NM 9.0
Justice League of America #65 NM- 9.2
Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 VF/NM 9.0
Secret Six #1 NM- 9.2
Spectre #1 NM- 9.2
Spectre #2 VF/NM 9.0
Spectre #3 NM+ 9.6
Spectre #4 NM 9.4
Spectre #5 VF/NM 9.0
Spectre #6 NM 9.4
Star Spangled War Stories #139 NM- 9.2
Strange Adventures #213 NM 9.

Sal is taking the robbery in stride and he knows that recovery is going to be next to impossible. Something like this effects the entire Hobby. If you happen to run across anyone selling these items, or think that you can help, please contact Sal Dichiera at orders@amazing-adventures.com or call (415) 661-1344.
e among those waiting patiently in line). \par \par The CrossGen booth was - as usual - a hub of activity, with teams of creators signing in different areas. \par \par Mark Wheatley told Scoop that he and Michael Avon Oeming had signed the film deal for their Image Comics property Hammer of the Gods. Wheatley also said he had received a lot of similar interest for his upcoming Frankenstein Mobster series, which will debut from Image this October. \par \par Wheatley's Frankenstein Mobster ashcans were among the many items selling briskly at the MOB (Mack - Oeming - Bendis) booth at the show. Brian Michael Bendis, who took about a year off from conventions before and after the birth of his daughter, was definitely back and keeping a steady line of fans happy with his autographs and unique personality. \par \par David Mack showed \i Scoop\i0 some of the pages from his upcoming run on \i Daredevil\i0 (both following and preceding Bendis and artist Alex Maleev). \par \par Oeming and Neil Vokes signed copies of \i Parliament of Justice\i0 and talked with fans about many different projects. \par \par Marc Andreyko talked enthusiastically with \i Scoop \i0 about his current work on the new Sam & Twitch series from Todd McFarlane Productions and several other hush-hush projects he's got in the works. The second issue of \i Casefiles: Sam & Twitch\i0 (illustrated by Scott Morse) is just so beautiful,