We're saddened to report that artist John Tartaglione passed away this week following a bout with cancer. Shi creator Billy Tucci dropped us a line about Tartaglione.

"I learned last night that a great friend and comic legend, John Tartaglione, passed away yesterday. His son, Johnny, Jr., one of my best friends, called and I knew something was wrong by the sound of his voice. John, Sr., better known as 'Daddy-O,' had a tough year he couldn't speak from neck cancer and had trouble breathing. He passed away at home.

"Daddy-O was a longtime art director at Marvel and inker of Archie, and of the Spider-Man daily strip over Larry Lieber's pencils, but he's probably most famous for illustrating Marvel's Pope John Paul, and Mother Theresa comics in the '80s. Even after losing his voice, he continued to work. His daughter, Mary Beth, actually finished this week's inks on the Spider-Man strips today and sent them out, closing out his last job.

"John was an incredible illustrator and master storyteller, and he was instrumental in getting Shi off the ground with his guidance, mentoring and love. He'll be missed by all who knew him," Tucci said.

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