Ever find a copy of a comic book that looks unusual? Recently, Steve Nelsen sent us two printing errors of Modern Marvel comics. The first is the silver foil enhanced version of Wolverine #145 which does not feature the silver foil giving Wolverine's claws a bone white look. The second comic is Amazing Spider-Man #375 which is missing the majority of the foil from this Holo-grafx foil edition. The foil did not properly adhere to the cover therefore causing this printing error.

If you're interested in seeing other comic book printing errors check out the white cover version of Venom: Lethal Protector #1 that we featured previously in Scoop.

Comic book printing errors can potentially occur throughout all print runs. These errors not only arise in Modern comics, but with comic books of all ages. Given the potential possibility for errors in print runs most collectors find them interesting, but do not place any specific special value upon them. Do you have a printing error that might be unique? Please contact Scoop with your error comics.