With a Bam, Boom and Pow, the latest news to the comic community is the unveiling of the Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA) which publicly announced its launch on Monday, February 22, 2010. Guided by its founding principles of Fellowship, Education and Ethics, CBCA is a nonprofit international organization made up of comic book enthusiasts who share an appreciation for the history, artistic merit, and significance of the comic book medium as an important element of popular culture. Thus, not only are comic books themselves the subject of focus but also their history, the artwork and artistry and related memorabilia.

“CBCA is the largest organizational outreach relating to our hobby that this community has seen in years,” stated Steve Zarelli, a member of the CBCA’s Board of Directors. Zarelli added that everyone is incredibly enthusiastic and energized to make plans to move forward to bring these same sentiments to fellow collectors and dealers throughout the world.

Mission Statment
The organization’s Mission Statement: “is to promote the comic book art form and hobby of comic book collecting for people of all ages by encouraging fellowship among comic book enthusiasts, providing information and education to the public, and helping to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of comic books and related material in an environment of trustworthiness and integrity.”

Formerly known as the Network of Disclosure, the CBCA is modeled after prominent organizations from other hobby communities such as the American Philatelic Society and the Universal Autograph Collectors Club.

Code of Ethics
A Code of Ethics was adopted that is patterned after industry best practices while being tailored to the hobby of comic collecting. For example, “CBCA members are expected to exercise common sense and courtesy in dealing with each other and with the general public. Members must share in the responsibility of furthering mutual trust and respect between the hobby and the public by conducting their comic book and comic-related business with fairness and integrity.” The complete Code of Ethics can be read online.

Different Organization
While a vastly different organization than its predecessor, especially in scope and direction, the CBCA has not abandoned the mission to promote proactive disclosure of enhanced, restored and conserved comics by sellers. For example, the Code of Ethics states that “A CBCA member shall be responsible, to the best of their knowledge, for the accurate description of all comic book and comic-related material offered for sale. All conservation, restoration, enhancements and significant defects should be clearly noted and made known to those to whom the material is offered or sold.”

First Member
CBCA is thrilled to welcome as its “first” new member: George Pantela of GPAnalysis.com, which is the world’s first analysis and reporting service for online auction and dealer comic book sales. The CBCA is particularly pleased to announce the creation of an initial Board of Advisors of some of the most prominent members of the comic community who have chosen to lend their names in support of the efforts of the CBCA.

Advisory Board and Leadership
The Advisory Board includes: Doug Braithwaite (British comic book artist);Dan Cusimano (owner, Flying Donut Trading Co.), Steve Eichenbaum (CEO, Certified Collectibles Group/CGC), Danny Fingeroth (former Marvel Comics editor, comic writer), Jamie Graham (owner, Graham Cracker Comics), John Haines (Rare Comics), Tracey Heft (Eclipse Paper, restoration expert); Dave Kapelka (North Coast Nostalgia), John Jackson Miller (comic book writer-commentator), Josh Nathanson (President, ComicLink); James Payette (Rare Books and Comics), Brian Peets (A-1 Comics), Dave Reynolds (Dave’s American Comics), Wayne Smith (VP, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.), John K. Snyder, Jr. (former President, Geppi’s Entertainment); Jim Steranko (comic book writer, artist, historian); Bob Storms (owner, High Grade Comics); Doug Sulipa (owner, Doug Sulipa’s Comic World), Ted Van Liew (owner, Superworld Comics), J.C. Vaughn (Executive Editor, Associate Publisher for Gemstone Publishing), Joe Vereneault (owner, JHV Associates) and Vincent Zurzolo (co-owner, Metropolis Collectibles).

The CBCA leadership is comprised of five members of the Board of Directors (Patrick Beam, Michael Greenwood, Michael McMurray, Brent Moeshlin and Steve Zarelli) and five officers (Mitchell Jordan, Secretary, Marnin Rosenberg, CEO, Jeffrey Shanks, Vice President, Mark S. Zaid, Marketing Director/Media Inquiries). Josh Entin, Esq. serves as General Counsel.

Educational Programs, Services and Events
CBCA plans to create many exciting and new educational programs and offer services to the broad collecting community through its web site, message board, Comic Book Quarterly newsletter, seminars at conventions and many other initiatives. Members are encouraged to participate and help organize events or simply get to know their fellow hobbyists.

Events are being planned for upcoming major conventions, including those that will be held in San Diego, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City, and we look forward to receiving and welcome suggestions from not only members of the CBCA but the community at large,” stated Mark S. Zaid, CBCA’s Marketing Director.

Annual membership is simply $20.00, but as a special promotion to celebrate its launch CBCA is offering a free one-year membership to the first 25 people who submit a application. Additional information, including an application, can be found at www.comiccollecting.org.