Congratulations to our friend Dave Olbrich on his promotion to Vice President of Space Goat Productions. The former Malibu publisher has worked as a Talent Manager for the talent management and production company since 2010. In his new role, he’ll be assisting Space Goat founder Shon Bury with the company’s plans to build a deeper and more versatile talent roster and extend its reach with art buyers, publishers and producers.

"Space Goat is a unique company with incredible potential," Olbrich said. "I have seen the company grow by providing a real service to publishers, essentially making it easier to produce their titles. Shon broke the mold of other comic book 'agencies'--and now we have set our sights even higher.”

The company has also added former DC Comics Batman editor Darren Vincenzo as Talent Scout and Talent Manager. With a career that spans over 25 years, it includes offering Space Goat founder Bury his first writing assignment.  

“Space Goat offers an environment that provides guidance to developing artists. I know what artists need to get noticed initially, how to avoid pitfalls and how to help them hone and polish their work with each assignment,” said Vincenzo. That type of thing doesn’t really exist anywhere else.”