While Peter David continues his recovery from a stroke suffered on December 30, 2012, Peter's wife Kathleen passed along this update via the Hero Initiative:
"Hero and fans have contributed thousands of dollars, which are currently attacking a mounting pile of medical bills. But the good news is Peter is home and continues to improve a little more each day. Some days the improvement seems larger than others, like the day that he could finally lift his right arm over his head just using his right arm. Other times it is the small things like tying his shoes with all his fingers cooperating or being able to walk for longer and longer distances without tiring out,” he said.

Additional comments from her can be found on the Hero Initiative’s blog.

“Hero Initiative would like to remind you that you can help Peter directly AND get some great reading material by buying one of his books,” posted Hero Initiative President Jim M McLauchlin. “And it's always a good time to make a donation to The Hero Initiative.”