Former DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz was recently interviewed by Complex.com in conjunction with one of his new projects.

“In 2010, publisher Taschen Books released the work 75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Myth-Making written by Levitz himself. The book was 720 pages long, 15.9 pounds in weight, and had a sticker price or $200. Those who couldn't afford the mammoth work have another chance with the publisher rereleasing the book as five separate volumes containing even more material than the original. The first book entitled The Golden Age of DC Comics is available for purchase now,” the site posted.

“Yeah, there's about 50 percent more artwork throughout the editions. We found so much wonderful material and DC has published over 40,000 comics that there's an insane array of material to choose from and some stuff that was great didn't fit in the first book and then some things also surfaced after the first book was finished,” Levitz told the site.