Get ready Auburn, New York, Will Eisner Week is headed your way. In celebration of the life and work of Will Eisner, Seymour Library will host a panel presentation/film screening on March 6, 2017, followed by a documentary screening on March 7 at the Auburn Public Theatre. Seymour Library is located on 176 Genesee Street in Auburn, while the Public Theatre is just a few blocks away on 8 Exchange Street.

Will Eisner (1917-2005), The Champion of the Graphic Novel, was a true trailblazer within the comic book industry. His inspiring work proved to the public that comics could be a genuine form of literature. He’s also responsible for turning the term graphic novel into a household staple.

His signature comic series, The Spirit (1940-1952) was praised for its impressive artwork and experiments through context and form. This year marks the centennial of Will Eisner’s birth, making it the opportune time to celebrate his life.

On Monday, March 6, geek culture expert Ed Catto will host the panel - Celebrating Graphic Novels: An Appreciation of Comics as Literature, at Seymour Library at 6:30 PM. This exciting panel will provide an overview of Eisner’s work, as well as highlight other graphic novels that demonstrate the power of Eisner’s convictions. Following the panel, there will be a screening of the 2008 film adaptation of Eisner’s The Spirit.

On Tuesday, March 7, Catto will introduce the documentary, Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist. This screening will take place at the Auburn Public Theater at 7 PM.

The fans aren't the only ones looking forward to this event, support from within the industry has been booming as well, Dynamite Entertainment is donating comics and a hardcover collection of their recent Spirit series as giveaways to attendees, while Syracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con (June 24-25) will randomly give away tickets during both events. Paul Levitz, author of Will Eisner: Champion of the Graphic Novel, will also be donating a signed copy of this recent book to Seymour Library.

“Auburn, NY has a rich, but checkered comic history. In 1948 Auburn held a comic book burning, as part of the anti-comics hysteria of the day. But by the ’70s, one of the first comic shops was established in Auburn,” shared Catto.

This international event is dedicated to promoting graphic novels, free speech, and sequential arts. So head over to your local comic shop, or library, and read a graphic novel!

More information about Will Eisner Week in Auburn can be found at the Seymour Library website.