Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for March 17-23, 2017...

105 years ago March 23, 1912 German editorial cartoonist and illustrator Franz-Werner Richter-Johnsen is born. He draws Detektiv Schmidtchen and Taró.

95 years ago March 20, 1922 Out Our Way by J.R. Williams begins, distributed by NEA. The single-panel feature features a variety of themes including “Why Mothers Get Gray” and “Born Thirty Years Too Soon.”

85 years ago March 19, 1932 Henry by Carl Anderson begins in The Saturday Evening Post.

70 years ago March 21, 1947 Comics historian and expert Don Markstein is born. He writes and edits the Toonopedia comics information website.

65 years ago March 19, 1952 Letterer and artist Willie Schubert is born.

55 years ago March 21, 1962 Writer, editor, and comics trivia expert Mark Waid is born. He writes for and is editor in chief of BOOM! Studios, and his work includes Captain America, eight years on The Flash, and the revamp of Archie.

50 years ago March 22, 1967 Writer and colorist Lisa Moore is born.

40 years ago March 17, 1977 Russell Patterson dies of heart failure at age 83. The award-winning artist, art teacher, designer, and comic strip creator was best known for Mamie.

35 years ago March 22, 1982 Neal S. Pozner begins work as DC’s design director.

10 years ago March 21, 2007 Poison Elves creator Drew Hayes dies of a heart attack at age 37.