Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for April 21-27, 2017...

190 years ago April 21, 1827 British cartoonist and comics artist Thomas Rowlandson dies at age 70.

115 years ago April 26, 1902 Illustrator Vernon Grant is born. He creates Kellogg’s Rice Krispies’ Snap!, Crackle!, and Pop!

105 years ago April 24, 1912 Artist George Wunder is born. He replaces Milton Caniff on Terry and the Pirates.

90 years ago April 25, 1927 Writer-artist Albert Uderzo is born. He’s best known for his work with Rene Goscinny on Astérix.

85 years ago April 27, 1932 Voice artist and American Top 40 host Casey Kasem is born. His roles includes Shaggy Rogers in Scooby Doo and several TV Transformers.

75 years ago April 21, 1942 Underground comix writer-artist Dan O’Neill is born. The creator of Odd Bodkins organizes the Air Pirates comics collective.

70 years ago April 22, 1947 Writer Steve Englehart is born. His work includes Coyote, Captain America, Avengers, Doctor Strange, Justice League of America, and Batman.

70 years ago April 27, 1947 Letterer Barry Shapiro is born.

65 years ago April 25, 1952 Writer, editor, critic, teacher, researcher, and comics historian Peter Sanderson is born.

65 years ago April 27, 1952 Writer-artist Larry Nibert is born.

60 years ago April 24, 1957 Small-press writer-artist John McLeod is born. He creates Dishman.

50 years ago April 23, 1967 Writer-artist of El Muerto: The Aztec Zombie Javier Hernandez is born.

45 years ago April 21, 1972 President Nixon’s Wage-Price Control Board rules that 14 Marvel titles must roll back their price from 20¢ to 15¢. Marvel will appeal the ruling.

15 years ago April 22, 2002 Artist Denis McLoughlin commits suicide at age 84. He was a long-time illustrator, and his comics work for D.C. Thomson is especially known.

10 years ago April 21, 2007 Golden Age artist and later storyboard artist Art Saaf dies at age 85 from the effects of Parkinson’s disease. His work included Princess Pantha, Supergirl, and contributions to Highlights for Children.