Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for June 16-22, 2017...

135 years ago June 21, 1882 Graphic novel pioneer Rockwell Kent is born.

120 years ago June 19, 1897 Moe Howard is born as Moses Horwitz. The Three Stooges leader appears in comics and cartoons and is the father of Joan Howard, who marries Norman Maurer.

105 years ago June 16, 1912 Canadian cartoonist Albert Chartier is born. The illustrator is known for Onésime and Séraphin.

95 years ago June 16, 1922 Kid Colt and hot rod comics artist Jack R. Keller is born.

90 years ago June 17, 1927 Writer-artist Wallace Wood is born. Though probably best known for his work for E.C. and Marvel, he also pioneers independent comics publishing with his Witzend magazine.

80 years ago June 19, 1937 Writer James Matthew Barrie dies of pneumonia at age 77. His tales of Peter Pan are adapted by Walt Disney Studios.

60 years ago June 17, 1957 Artist Hilary Barta is born.

60 years ago June 17, 1957 Out Our Way comics panel creator J.R. Williams dies at age 69.

60 years ago June 21, 1957 Writer, artist, and editor Gary Carlson is born.

55 years ago June 17, 1962 Artist and researcher Richard Maurizio is born.

50 years ago June 16, 1967 Arnold Pander is born. With his brother Jacob, he draws Grendel and The World of Ginger Fox.

50 years ago June 16, 1967 The first Houston Comic Convention begins at the Ramada Inn in Houston; it runs June 16-18.

45 years ago June 17, 1972 Richard Pini marries Wendy Fletcher, having met via the letters column of Marvel’s Silver Surfer.

45 years ago June 22, 1972 Image artist and Hellshock creator Jae Lee is born.

40 years ago June 16, 1977 Stan Cross dies at age 88. The comic strip and political cartoonist was known for Wally and the Major and The Potts.

40 years ago June 22, 1977 Walt Disney’s The Rescuers opens. The animated feature is based on Margery Sharp’s “Miss Bianca” stories.

35 years ago June 17, 1982 Actor Arthur Darvill is born. Especially known for his role as Rory Williams on Doctor Who, he goes on to play DC’s Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow.

25 years ago June 19, 1992 Pacific Comic Exchange announces the sale of a VG+ copy of Detective Comics #27 for $29,850. [Yeah, a 6.5 (F+) copy sells via Heritage for $522,812.50 in 2012. What’s your point? This was big bucks for a comic book a quarter of a century ago.]

5 years ago June 19, 2012 Writer-artist Larry Nibert dies of complications of MS at age 60.

5 years ago June 20, 2012 LeRoy Neiman dies at age 91. Better known for his paintings, he also created the Femlin character.