It’s one small step for man; one giant prize from Omaze. Houston, we have an amazing offer. In honor of the Apollo 11 anniversary, Omaze is offering a prize that’s out of this world. To enter all you need to do is donate to the charitable organization, The ShareSpace Foundation.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to inspiring children’s passions for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Not only will your donations gain you an entry, but you will help educate, enable, and inspire the next generation.

The grand prize winner will be flown out to meet legendary moon-walker, Buzz Aldrin, and former Commander of the International Space Station, Terry Virts. Together, you and a friend, will meet Buzz in his office to talk space. From there, you’ll be headed straight for the hareSpace Gala’s 48th anniversary celebration of Apollo 11. Not only will you get to experience the Red Planet in virtual reality as Buzz’s VIP guest, but you’ll also tour the Kennedy Space Center and get lunch with Terry Virts. Flights and 4-star hotel included.

The more money you donate toward the ShareSpace Foundation the more chances you have to win. $10 gets you 100 entries, $25 gets you 250 entries, $50 gets you 500 entries, $75 gets you 750 entries, $100 gets you 1,000 entries, $140 gets you 1,400 entries, $600 gets you 6,000 entries, and $5,000 gets you 50,000 entries. The more you donate also unlocks exclusive merchandise.

Head over to Omaze to view the exclusive merchandise and get started on donating today.