Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for October 13-19, 2017...

145 years ago October 14, 1872 Writer Sol Hess is born. He scripts The Gumps and The Nebbs.

115 years ago October 14, 1902 George Wilson is born. The pulp artist and art teacher provides art for comic books for Fiction House, Ace, Centaur, and Western.

85 years ago October 14, 1932 The two F. Burr Opper strips Happy Hooligan and And Her Name Was Maud conclude their run.

80 years ago October 16, 1937 French writer-artist Jean de Brunhoff dies of tuberculosis at age 37. He’s best known for his children’s books featuring Babar.

65 years ago October 13, 1952 Lawyer and writer Bob Ingersoll is born. The reviewer and essayist is known for his CBG and ComicMix column The Law Is a Ass, addressing the legal aspects of comics stories.

65 years ago October 14, 1952 Charlie Williams is born. He draws Boffo Laffs.

65 years ago October 18, 1952 Cartoonist Larry Blake is born.

60 years ago October 14, 1957 British pulp and comics artist Reginald Heade dies at age 55 or 56.

55 years ago October 17, 1962 Mike Judge is born. The animator, writer, and voice actor creates and stars in Beavis and Butt-Head and co-creates (with Greg Daniels) and stars in King of the Hill. His “Milton” animated cartoons are the basis for Office Space.

50 years ago October 18, 1967 Disney’s The Jungle Book opens and is the last film to be produced by Walt Disney himself.

20 years ago October 16, 1997 Writer-artist Dick Cavalli dies of a heart attack at age 74. He’s best known for Morty Meekle and Winthrop comic strips.