Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for April 13-19, 2018...

125 years ago April 19, 1893 Cartoonist, illustrator, and King Features staff artist Neil O’Keefe is born. He draws Dick’s Adventures in Dreamland.

100 years ago April 15, 1918 Long-time illustrator Denis McLoughlin is born. He’s especially known for his comics work for D.C. Thomson.

95 years ago April 14, 1923 French artist Christian Mathelot is born.

90 years ago April 16, 1928 Playwright of The Wiz William F. Brown is born. He writes and draws the Boomer comic strip.

80 years ago April 16, 1938 Keeping up with the Joneses by Arthur R. “Pop” Momand ends.

65 years ago April 18, 1953 The Beano #561 introduces “Roger the Dodger” by Barrie Appleby.

65 years ago April 19, 1953 Dakota North co-creator Martha Thomases is born. She handles DC publicity in the 1990s and becomes ComicMix vice president of corporate communications.

55 years ago April 13, 1963 The Flemish children’s magazine Ohee begins as a supplement of the Het Volk newspaper.

50 years ago April 14, 1968 The wordless Perkins comic strip by John Miles begins.

25 years ago April 15, 1993 Artist Alberto Giolitti dies at age 69. His work included Turok, Cisco Kid, and Star Trek comics, and he founded the Giolitti Studios.

10 years ago April 14, 2008 Ollie Johnston dies at age 95. He was the last survivor of Disney’s “Nine Old Men” animators.