Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for June 8-14, 2018...

90 years ago June 9, 1928 Writer-artist Bob Bolling is born. He’s best known for his work for Archie Comics, including creation of the Little Archie series.

90 years ago June 10, 1928 Maurice Sendak is born. The award-winning writer-artist of children’s books often uses comic book techniques to tell his stories.

75 years ago June 8, 1943 Colin Baker is born, the sixth Doctor in Doctor Who.

70 years ago June 12, 1948 Award-winning writer-editor Len Wein is born. He co-creates such characters as Swamp Thing, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Wolverine.

65 years ago June 9, 1953 Artist Chris Kalnick is born.

60 years ago June 8, 1958 Writer-editor-educator-publicist David Seidman is born. He is Disney Comics’ senior editor in the early 1990s.

60 years ago June 14, 1958 Editor-writer-artist Mark G. Heike is born. He is a freelance creator and AC editor.

60 years ago June 15, 1958 The last Polly and Her Pals strip (by Cliff Sterrett) appears.

55 years ago June 10, 1963 Artist Bill Anderson is born.

55 years ago June 11, 1963 The last episode of Holle Pinkel by Andries Brandt is published.

55 years ago June 14, 1963 “Old Paper” writer-artist Mike Bannon is born.

35 years ago June 8, 1983 Belgian artist-writer-editor Jacques Van Melkebeke, one of the founders of Tintin, dies at age 78.

20 years ago June 13, 1998 Award-winning Andy Capp creator Reg Smythe dies of lung cancer at age 80.

15 years ago June 10, 2003 The manhwa Dragon Hunter begins.