Atlas (Seaboard); July 1975
Cover by Russ Heath

Title: “He Is … the Grim Ghost”
When Hell comes under siege from the demon Brimstone, the Grim Ghost finds himself coming to the aid of Satan.

Writer: Tony Isabella
Ernie Colón

Review: Writer Tony Isabella takes over and things go to Hell – quite literally. Isabella’s execution of this tale about a demon’s efforts to take over Hell is a little lackluster, and the writer’s villains are a bit silly, too. But he explores some interesting story possibilities, such as forcing the Grim Ghost to work with the woman who betrayed him all those years ago. It would have been interesting to see where Isabella would have taken this series. Ernie Colón’s art offers no such upside. His illustrative style worked well on previous issues, but his rendering here is simply atrocious.

Grade: C-

Cool factor: Tony Isabella planted a lot of interesting story seeds this issue. It’s a shame the series ended here, before he had a chance to explore any of them.
Not-so-cool factor: What the heck happened to Ernie Colón’s art this time out? This reviewer is usually a fan, but this is shockingly amateurish work.

Character quotable: “You stand betwixt hellfire and Brimstone and may turn your back on only one!” – Brimstone, demon and user of archaic words

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