Marvel; Marvel 1976
Cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins

Title: “The Taking of the Avengers!”
The Assassin targets Captain America – just the first step in a plot to take down all of the Avengers.

Writer: Tony Isabella with Scott Edelman
Penciler: Don Heck
John Tartaglione (as John Tartag)

Review: Talk about story interruptus. In the middle of the “Serpent Crown” storyline, the deadline demon derails The Avengers for not one but two issues. Tony Isabella does a remarkable job putting together a two-issue story that doesn’t feel like filler – even though that’s ultimately what it is. The writer has a nice feel for the Avengers characters, and there’s an emotional weight to this story that’s often missing from fill-in issues. The Assassin, despite the shockingly unoriginal name, also has some potential. Not as strong is the art of Avengers alum Don Heck, whose work doesn’t fit the Bronze aesthetic.

Grade: B

Cool factor: A classic Gil Kane cover.
Not-so-cool factor:
Wait a minute … where’d George Pérez go?!?

Character quotable: “Such a pity your last words couldn’t have contained a touch more grandeur, Captain.” – The Assassin (Last words? Captain America? Heh.)

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