Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for October 5-11, 2018...

105 years ago October 6, 1913 Harvey Comics founder Alfred Harvey is born; his company’s characters include Little Dot and Richie Rich.

105 years ago October 11, 1913 Writer and comics editor Dorothy Woolfolk is born. She’s DC’s first female editor at DC and edits for Timely and EC.

105 years ago October 11, 1913 Writer, artist, editor, and publisher Joe Simon is born. He founds Sick and co-creates Captain America and Boys’ Ranch with Jack Kirby.

90 years ago October 10, 1928 Artist Ed Carey, known for such strips as Simon Simple, dies of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 66 or 67.

80 years ago October 9, 1938 Writer-artist Russell Myers is born. He creates the Broom-Hilda comic strip.

75 years ago October 9, 1943 Pulitzer Prize-winning and Reuben Award-winning editorial cartoonist Mike Peters is born. He also writes and draws the Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip.

75 years ago October 10, 1943 German artist Charlotte Salomon dies in the gas chamber at Auschwitz at age 26.

70 years ago October 8, 1948 Italian journalist Enzo G. Baldoni is born. He translates Doonesbury for the Italian comics magazine linus.

70 years ago October 11, 1948 Manga artist Ippei Okamoto dies at age 72.

65 years ago October 7, 1953 Artist Marvin Perry Mann is born. He works under the penname of “mpMann,” and his work includes The Lone and Level Sands (written by A. David Lewis).

65 years ago October 7, 1953 Writer and law professor Rod Underhill is born. He is co-author (with Nat Gertler) of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Millions on the Internet, founds MP3.com, and cofounds Podlinez.com.

65 years ago October 10, 1953 The Beano #586 introduces Little Plum by Leo Baxendale.

60 years ago October 6, 1958 Award-winning writer-editor Michael Carlin is born.

60 years ago October 11, 1958 Now Comics and Moonstone writer-artist Patrick Williams is born.

50 years ago October 6, 1968 It’s the last Boots and Her Buddies strip.

45 years ago October 10, 1973 Artist Austin Briggs dies of leukemia at age 65. He was Alex Raymond’s assistant, eventually taking over Secret Agent and Flash Gordon. He also drew Fawcett’s Spy Smasher and was one of the founding teachers of the Famous Artists School.

40 years ago October 10, 1978 Animation pioneer and cartoonist J.R. Bray dies at age 99. He founded an animation studio (J.R. Bray Productions) that pioneered background printing, cel animation, and color animation and employed several creators who became famous themselves.

10 years ago October 8, 2008 Archaia Studios Press announces it has been bought by Kunoichi.