DC; October 1980
Cover by Jim Aparo

Title: “Ice Station Alpha!”
A Nazi plot involving freeze rays and flooding Gotham City have both the Batman and Blackhawks racing against time.

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Dave Cockrum
Dan Adkins

Review: This untold tale of the Golden Age Batman might not be “The Event of the Year!” the cover claims, but it is good fun. Marv Wolfman’s story hits the era’s requisite notes without coming off too goofy. But the real joy is seeing classic X-artist Dave Cockrum back at DC.


Title: “A Name Writ in Blood!”
Two brothers become government operatives, working for their surrogate father – until one of the brother’s heinous crime changes everything.

Writer: Cary Burkett
Dan Spiegle

Review: There’s potential here, but this short origin story for Nemesis is limited by its length. Dan Spiegle’s art is solid but fairly lifeless.

Grade (for the whole issue): B

Cool factor: It’s Dave Cockrum doing Golden Age Batman. And the Blackhawks. This reviewer might not care for the Blackhawks, but Cockrum does – and it shows.
Not-so-cool factor:
The Nazi river base in Gotham Bay. While everything else is drawn in period style – down to Batman’s cowl ears! – this structure is classic Cockrum tech, which doesn’t fit here at all.

Character quotable: “Vas?! Ein Fledermausmann!” – A Nazi henchman in Gotham

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