DC; January 1977
Cover uncredited (probably Dick Giordano)

Title: “Love is the Answer!”
Synopsis: A Vietnam veteran returns home with a secret – drug addiction! Will his woman stand by her man?

Writer: George Kashdan
Penciler: Win Mortimer
Henry Scarpelli

Review: As a kid, this reviewer avoided romance comics like the plague. While still not a favorite, books like Young Love #123 are thoroughly enjoyable as relics of their time. George Kashdan’s script is loaded with ’70s stereotypes. Win Mortimer’s art is stylish, though a bit dated.


Title: “How We Met”
Synopsis: It takes a highschool Halloween party to make Joan realize boy next door Rog might be worthy of a second look.

Writer: Uncredited
Penciler: Mike Nasser

Review: A one-page wonder with Mike Nasser drawing young lovers dressed in groovy costumes. You could do worse!


Title: “The Lost Love”
Synopsis: Robin thinks her estranged lover is a bookworm – but it turns out he was writing the book on love!

Writer: Robert Kanigher
Penciler: John Rosenberger
Vince Colletta

Review: The creative team behind Lady Cop tries romance without the cops and robbers. Adequate, though a little daft.


Title: “20 Miles to Heart Break, Part II”
Synopsis: A runaway takes a walk on love’s wild side, hooking up with a Latin lover … who’s in a band!

Writer: Barbara Friedlander
Penciler: Alex Toth
Vince Colletta

Review: This comic was heading for a C+ grade until the always-excellent Alex Toth showed up. Bring on the next issue!

Grade (for the whole issue): B

Cool factor: Alex Toth :-)
Not-so-cool factor: Vince Colletta :-(

Notable: Also includes a frontispiece (probably illustrated by Dick Giordano) featuring an awful poem titled “You’re Young and You’re in Love,” along with illustrated horoscope and fashion features (with art by “Elizabeth”)

Character quotable: “… I didn’t mind at all as asked me to be his partner for dance after dance …” – Joan, about to get her groove on with the suddenly exciting Rog

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