Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for November 2-8, 2018...

150 years ago November 3, 1868 Artist Harry Grant Dart is born. The art editor of The World creates The Explorigator strip in 1908 and Boys Will Be Boys in 1909.

120 years ago November 4, 1898 Elmer Woggon is born. With Allen Saunders, he creates the newspaper strip Big Chief Wahoo, which eventually becomes Steve Roper, which eventually becomes Steve Roper and Mike Nomad.

90 years ago November 3, 1928 “The Father of Manga,” Osamu Tezuka, is born. He creates Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.

90 years ago November 3, 1928 The same day Osamu Tezuka is born, manga artist Goseki Kojima is born. He’s best known for the co-creation (with Kazuo Koike) of Lone Wolf and Cub.

90 years ago November 7, 1928 Artist Giorgio Rebuffi is born. The Bierreci Studios co-founder with Carlo Chendi and Luciano Bottaro creates such series as Bingo Bongo and draws stories featuring characters including Tiramolla and Donald Duck.

80 years ago November 5, 1938 Award-winning artist-writer Jim Steranko is born. He is best known for his work with such characters as Nick Fury and Captain America and founds Supergraphics, as well as producing a history of the comic book field.

80 years ago November 6, 1938 The comic strip Red Ryder by Fred Harman and Stephen Slesinger begins.

70 years ago November 4, 1948 Cartoon instructor and Henry creator Carl Anderson dies at age 83.

65 years ago November 2, 1953 Artist Tom Lyle is born. He co-creates Comet with Mark Waid for DC’s “Impact” line and pencils Marvel’s Spider-Man during the “Maximum Carnage” and “Clone Saga” plotlines, among much other work.

65 years ago November 3, 1953 Colorist Holly M. Sanfelippo is born.

55 years ago November 3, 1963 Bru-Hed creator (as Mik Pascal) Mike Pascale is born.

55 years ago November 7, 1963 Greg begins Achille Talon.

50 years ago November 3, 1968 French realistic comics artist Étienne Le Rallic, who sometimes signed his work “Smile,” dies at age 77.

50 years ago November 8, 1968 The Lambiek store opens in Amsterdam.

45 years ago November 8, 1973 Is that the sound of a Furry Generation being created? Walt Disney’s Robin Hood opens – and countless kids suddenly think foxes might be sexy.

40 years ago November 8, 1978 Artist Norman Rockwell dies of emphysema at age 84. Known for his Saturday Evening Post covers and for his work for the Boy Scouts of America, he was one of the co-founders of the Famous Artists School and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977.

35 years ago November 5, 1983 French writer-artist Jean-Marc Reiser dies of bone cancer at age 42.

30 years ago November 7, 1988 Cartoonist Bill Hoest dies of cancer at age 62. He created The Lockhorns and Agatha Crumm and was cartoon editor of Parade.

20 years ago November 2, 1998 Award-winning Spanish artist Enric Sió dies of a stroke at age 56. He created Mara and created and edited La Oca.

20 years ago November 3, 1998 Artist Bob Kane dies at age 82 or 83; his gravestone says he was born in 1915; some sources say he was born in 1916. Long credited as the sole Batman creator, he collaborated with writer Bill Finger to bring the character to DC’s Detective Comics and maintained a staff of writers and artists to produce the popular feature.

10 years ago November 5, 2008 Artist Paul Norris dies at age 93. He co-created DC’s Aquaman and drew the Brick Bradford comic strip.

5 years ago November 3, 2013 Born Nicholas Viscardi, Hall of Fame writer-artist Nick Cardy dies at age 93 of congestive heart failure. He was especially known for his work on Lady Luck, Aquaman, Teen Titans, and Bat Lash.

5 years ago November 7, 2013 Webcomics publisher Joey Manley dies of pneumonia at age 48. He was a pioneer of webcomics subscription services via his Modern Tales collective and Webcomics Nation.