DC; June 1981
Cover by Joe Kubert

Title: “Dinosaur Convoy”
Synopsis: The Creature Commandos are sent to investigate a South Pacific island, where they discover the War that Time Forgot!

Writer: Mike W. Barr
Penciler: Bob Hall
Jerry Ordway

Review: How do you make Creature Commandos cooler? Add dinosaurs! If only there were some Nazis (instead, it’s the “Japs” turn to be slaughtered). Mike W. Barr’s story reaches for poignant but falls short, a common problem with this feature. Bob Hall and Jerry Ordway’s art is clean – probably too clean.


Title: “Stop the War – I Want to Get Out!”
Synopsis: Life on the set of a war movie proves a little too intense for one extra.

Writer: Robin Snyder
Penciler: Trevor von Eeden
Brett Breeding

Review: Not much weird about this one pager. The early Trevor Von Eeden art is surprisingly generic, but is well inked.


Title: “The Scavengers!”
Synopsis: Scavenging, peasant farmers get caught up in a war involving Death and demons – but fail to learn their lesson!

Writer: John Warner
Penciler: Vicatan

Review: John Warner’s story is convoluted, but Vicatan’s art is awfully nice. The Filipino artist makes great use of spot blacks.

Grade (for the whole issue): B

Cool factor: Another great Joe Kubert cover (but what kind of dinosaur is that orange one?)

Notable: Also includes a frontispiece of Death by Joe Kubert and an index of the first 50 issues of Weird War Tales.

Character quotable: “You know my name – I am Death, the ultimate equalizer – and nowhere is my kingdom greater than here – in the weird war!” – Death (pre-Gaiman version, of course)

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