Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles and ends, this time for November 9-15, 2018...

95 years ago November 13, 1923 The German cartoonist and director better known as Loriot, Bernhard-Viktor von Bülow, is born. Among other work, he creates the character “Wum.”

95 years ago November 14, 1923 The Dell and Gold Key artist on such titles as Turok, Cisco Kid, and Star Trek, Alberto Giolitti, is born. He also founds Giolitti Studios.

80 years ago November 11, 1938 Artist Fred Spencer dies at age 34 in a car accident. The Disney animator specialized in Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse material.

80 years ago November 13, 1938 When Italy outlaws U.S. and British comic books, putting an end to the magazine Jumbo, it continues to permit Mickey Mouse in comic books there.

80 years ago November 15, 1938 Artist Harry Grant Dart dies at age 70. The art editor of The World created The Explorigator strip in 1908 and Boys Will Be Boys in 1909.

75 years ago November 11, 1943 Artist and character designer Dave Cockrum is born. He is best known for his run on Marvel’s X-Men.

65 years ago November 15, 1953 Writer-artist Mike Gustovich is born. The Justice Machine creator also works under the name Michael Adams.

60 years ago November 13, 1958 First editor Larry Doyle is born.

60 years ago November 14, 1958 MU Press editor Edd Vick is born.

55 years ago November 13, 1963 Artist Randy Clark is born.

50 years ago November 9, 1968 Bongo letterer Karen Bates is born.

50 years ago November 12, 1968 Vader & Zoon by Peter van Straaten begins.

25 years ago November 9, 1993 Artist and editor Ross Andru dies at age 66. Best known for his collaborations with Mike Esposito, he worked on many of DC’s war comics, a run on DC’s Metal Men, and a stretch of issues of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man.

25 years ago November 10, 1993 Argentine artist Alberto Breccia dies at age 74. He was director of the Pan-American School of Arts, which he co-founded, and he co-created the Mort Cinder series with Héctor German Oesterheld.

25 years ago November 11, 1993 Writer-artist John Stanley dies of esophageal cancer at age 79. Working anonymously for most of his comics career, he adapted Marge’s Little Lulu to comic book form and created Melvin Monster and memorable horror stories.

15 years ago November 12, 2003 Artist John Tartaglione dies at age 81 of throat cancer. He worked in a variety of comics genres including romance, movie adaptations, superheroes, and biographies.