Marvel Comics is home to a seemingly never ending roster of superhero teams, but only one is lovingly referred to as Marvel’s First Family. The Fantastic Four, created by prolific duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, made their debut in The Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. The team is made up of Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and Ben Grimm/Thing. After venturing into outer space for a scientific mission, the four individuals gained superpowers through exposure to cosmic rays. 

Team leader and scientific genius Reed can stretch his body into any feasible size or length, Sue can render herself invisible and project invisible force, Johnny can generate flames, and Ben possesses tremendous superhuman strength, durability, and endurance. Since their inception, the Fantastic Four has always appeared as a loving, albeit somewhat dysfunctional, family. Reed and Ben attended college together and remained lifelong friends, Sue and Johnny are siblings, and Sue and Reed eventually marry and have children of their own. Much like a real family, the team members often argue and even hold grudges from time to time.  

The dynamic of the Fantastic Four broke convention with other comic book archetypes of the time. They remain a favorite among comic readers and have made apperanes in countless other titles, along with being adapted into four animated series and four live-action films. After 645 issues the long-running title ended in 2015, however much to the delight of fans, a new volume for the Fantastic Four was released in August 2018. This new series, which sees the Richards Family’s return from the multiverse, also ushers in the highly anticipated wedding of Ben and his longtime love Alicia Masters. 

As Marvel continues to expand on the lovable yet flawed members of the Fantastic Four, Hake’s Auctions is presenting the chance to celebrate classic adventures with the superhero team. Auction #225 includes two exceptional pieces of Fantastic Four collectibles sure to shine in any collection. First up is a 13-1/2 x 21-1/4” original pencil and ink artboard by Jack Kirby and inker Chic Stone for page 13 of Fantastic Four #36

The five panel page is from the 1965 story, “The Frightful Four,” which introduced the titular supervillain team - The Wizard, Sandman, Paste-Pot Pete, and longtime Inhumans Queen Medusa. The image follows Medusa as she sneaks up on Invisible Girl, who has Sandman trapped in an invisible force field. Medusa manages to subdue the hero with her hair, as Sandman holds down Mr. Fantastic, while The Wizard and Paste-Pot Pete spray the team with sleeping gas.

Another exceptional collectors piece is an 11 x 17” original pen and ink artboard for the cover to Fantastic Four #299. Drawn by legendary Marvel artists John Buscema and his brother Sal Buscema, this cover depicts temporary Fantastic Four member She-Hulk punching The Thing through a brick wall. The sudden forces startles Spider-Man, who was perched on the walls exterior. This classic issue sees Johnny planning on marrying Alicia Masters, leaving Ben enraged and inconsolable. She-Hulk steps in to help talk the hero through his relationship woes…in her own particular way. 

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