Born July 9, 1926 in Asheville, North Carolina, Murphy Anderson began his life-long career in comic books in 1944 working at Fiction House, where he pencilled and inked for several years. Beginning in the Golden Age, he worked steadily for a number of companies in the industry, including Ziff-Davis, and DC Comics (where he would become a mainstay with work spanning five decades).

He worked also on newspaper strips, notably including taking over the reins of the Buck Rogers strip from creator Dick Calkins, and he also produced the military's P.S. Magazine (following Will Eisner and preceding Joe Kubert, both also Overstreet Hall of Fame members).

Anderson helped to propel the Silver Age of DC Comics with work on such characters as Adam Strange, The Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, and many others, including his inks over artists Curt Swan and Carmine Infantino. Widely regarded as a gentleman of the old school, Murphy Anderson was a member of the first class inducted into The Overstreet Hall of Fame in 2006.