Marvel; 1983
Cover uncredited

Title: “Christmas in Dallas!”
Synopsis: In Dallas on a photo assignment, Peter Parker soon finds himself swinging into action to thwart the Kingpin’s Christmas plot.

Writer: Jim Salicrup
Penciler: Alan Kupperberg (as Alan Kupperburg)
Mike Esposito

Review: This reviewer always has such high hopes for these promotional comics. As they are fairly hard to come by, these issues are often a fresh read – and almost always a disappointment. Spider-Man: Christmas in Dallas is pretty typical of the type: a by the numbers Spider-Man plot accompanied by not quite journeyman level art from the team of Alan Kupperberg and Mike Esposito. The only thing that really stands out with this one is the Kingpin, who is terribly out of character given the villain’s development during Frank Miller’s Daredevil run. All told, not one to add to the holiday wish list.

Grade: C-

Cool factor: As disappointing as these promotional comics can be, they retain an unquestionable bit of cool.
Not-so-cool factor: Kingpin disguised as Santa? Hard to imagine post-Miller.

Notable: This issue includes local advertising for the Dallas market. … Additional editorial content includes a pin-up, word search and “Bullpen Bulletins” from Jim Shooter … According to Lone Star Comics, this was the fourth of five promotional Spider-Man comics issued by the Dallas Times Herald.

Character quotable: “Have no fear, Mr. Mudge – Santa is here!” – The Kingpin, undercover.

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